6 Benefits to Using Social Media as Your Primary Customer Service Tool

Customer service via social platforms provides a wonderful opportunity for companies to turn every negative comment or customer service issue into a positive experience and better equity for the brand. Customer service is the new marketing, and soon managing customer service over social platforms will be the standard expectation – giving consumers the opportunity to gets answers faster, and providing…


R/West is Hiring a Brand Manager!

  Job description:  R/West, a Portland-based marketing communications agency, is seeking a brand manager for its brand management department in our New York office. You’ll be pivotal in expanding and deepening our client’s brand strategies. You’ll drive brand strategy dialogue across the agency, working closely with all departments including the interactive team, public relations team, creative team, media team and critical external…


Get to Know R/Culture!

Sometimes, even at a creative agency, it’s hard to be creative. Writer’s block happens. Designers can’t figure out why their art isn’t popping. Strategists struggle to come up with that million-dollar idea for a campaign they’re working on…etc. We’re pretty awesome, but we’re only human. Most of us have experienced this enough to know that one of the best things…


Keeping Your Cool in a Crisis

When considering the importance of a crisis management plan, it isn’t a case of if, but when one will come in handy. A crisis is always a possibility and it’s essential that everyone from companies and nonprofit organizations to public figures and government entities are prepared. As public relations professionals at R/West, it’s part of our team’s job to work…


R/West is Hiring a Social Media Intern!

Job description: R/West, a full-service marketing agency, is seeking a part-time social media intern in our Portland office. This is a paid internship requiring approximately 20-25 hours each week. The social media intern will assist the social media department with day-to-day management of our clients’ social media, including creating content, developing campaigns, researching influencers, and providing regular analytics reports. Our…


What is Reddit and How Can We Use it as a Tool for Advertising?

If you’re a company wanting to promote your brand through social media the chances are that you’ll think of utilizing Facebook, Instagram or Twitter almost instantly. Those aren’t bad options considering there are over two billion registered users combined. What most people don’t consider is another platform with over 1 billion monthly active users– Reddit.   Reddit allows you to submit,…


Three Takeaways from Portland Digital Summit 2016

Video is King on Social Media Did you know that Facebook’s organic reach is more than double for video what it is for photos? Videos reach 8.7% of your audience organically, versus 3.7% for photos. At the end of 2013, Facebook announced it was making changes to the news feed algorithm to create a better user experience, and this change…


Instagram Stories & Snapchat: How brands can leverage live social

Should your brand be using live content as a social media strategy? Things are changing fast and continuously there are new ways to interact on social. We will walk you through key platform differences, how to execute with live content, and whether Instagram Stories or Snapchat are right for your brand.   What are Instagram Stories? Similar to Snapchat, Instagram…


Say What?! Get to Know Polly

This girl loves her some boy bandz and post-its. We have to get her out to Portland sometime! Meet Polly, our PR Account Coordinator in the New York office: